Board Of Directors

  • Late AKM Fazlul Haque Majumder


    Our founding father, Late AKM Fazlul Haque Majumder Majumder was born on September 1, 1926, in Betiapara village, Balakhal, Comilla District. He was the eldest son of Al Haj Kashem Ali Majumder, a school teacher. Despite achieving first division in Matriculation under Calcutta University in 1944, his academic pursuits had been interrupted when he actively became involved with the Indian Independence movement during his college days and joined the Azad Hind Fouj under Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Following the partition of India in 1947, Mr. Majumder joined the then Muslim Commercial Bank (now Rupali Bank) and after a few years switched career and joined the then IGNRSN (now BITWC), the inland multi national company where he served with distinction until 1964. That very year Mr. Majumder decided to venture into something he can call his own and founded his own business Majumder Jute Baling. The company was trading exceptionally well and eventually became one of the top exporters of the nation. Mr. Majumder enjoyed spending his leisure time at the chess board, playing Billiards at Narayanganj Club and fishing in remote areas. He was a Billiard champion himself, General Secretary of the  Narayanganj Club in the early seventies and also a founder member of the Bangladesh Billiards and Snooker Federation. During his lifetime he established several Madrashas and Schools and donated generously. Our founding father's legacy of initiatives and dedication is a strong source of our inspiration for  all that we have achieved with Majumder till now. We pray that he rests in peace in the eternal world.

  • Syedul Haque Majumder

    Managing Director

    Mr Syedul Haque Majumder is the eldest son of the Founding Father of Majumder Group. He joined the business right after his Bachelors degree to help out his father back in 1975 with Majumder Jute Baling. Unfortunately with his father's health deteriorating, he had to quickly learn, takeover and scale the business on his own. In the year 1988, Mr. Syedul was awarded CIP for Jute export from Bangladesh. Nonetheless, foreseeing an overall decline in world demand for Jute products due to introduction of plastics, Mr. Syedul proactively diversified by venturing into RMG sector in the year 1984 with 2 lines of shirts. This gave birth to the Rmg story of Majumder Group. He is currently the Managing Director of the Group, where he guides us all, in both professional and personal realms. He personally works directly and very closely with Finance, Audit and Legal departments and sets the overall strategy and goals for the Group as a whole. He is our founding father for the Rmg wing at Majumder Group. He is also a board member of a couple of reputable private hospitals in Dhaka. Mr. Syedul, just like his father, also enjoys spending his leisure time in the Billiard room at Dhaka Club, where he is the Convenor of the Club Snooker Committee. He also serves as the Treasurer of the Bangladesh National Snooker and Billiards Federation.

  • Late Enamul Haque Majumder

    Founder Director

    Late Enamul Haque Majumder was the second son of the Founding Father, and joined the family business straight after completion of his Bachelors degree in 1985. That time, the business had just diversified from Jute and ventured into the Rmg sector. He helped his elder brother by managing production and learnt the business first hand. Over his 35 years of contribution to Majumder,  Mr. Enamul was in charge of all of the Group's factory operations, Production, planning, quality control, industrial engineering and all their civil construction works. Sadly, due to health reasons, he left us too early at the age of 62 in the year 2019, which has left an enormous vacuum with everyone. During his lifetime, he built several Masjids and Madrashas and donated generously. He was our strong pillar and a source of strength to many and we are forever indebted to him for his contributions towards the company and also to the family. We pray that he is peace in the eternal realm.

  • Syed Mohd. Sajjad


    Syed M Sajjad, after completing his Bachelors and Masters degrees from UK Universities, joined the family business back in 2004 as a management trainee. After 20 years of hands on experience, he now serves as the COO and is responsible for marketing, procurement, factory production/operations/quality control and overall strategy and planning for the Group. Our COO has set clear goals for the next 10 years with expansion plans in both Rmg and non Rmg sectors, with a prime focus to strengthening our 4 Pillars - Practice | People | Product | Planet. Mr. Sajjad like his father and grand father also enjoys spending his leisure time playing snooker. He has won several national Snooker tournaments and has represented Bangladesh in numerous international Snooker competitions. He serves as a member of the Dhaka Club Snooker Committee.

  • Enam Md Eysas


    Mr. Enam Md. Eysas completed his Bachelor of Business Information System in 2016 from Monash University , Australia. Over the past 8  years he has gained valuable first hand experience exclusively from his late father in areas of production, planning, industrial engineering, overall factory operations and civil construction. Mr. Enam now works as a Director and very closely with his elder brother and his COO Mr. Sajjad and together they are working tirelessly to realise their dreams of scaling their 3rd generation family-run business into one of the leading groups of the nation.